Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Petra Luna" the Debut CD #1

Released in 1999

Click HERE to purchase or sample more songs on this amazing CD produced in Germany! 

CD Album Art

KIAC is the #2 Largest Internet Indie Radio Station in the world.


Let Me Know from Petra Luna on Myspace.

"Petra Luna" CD Airplay History
B96, DJ Markski, Chicago
92.7 Energy, Chicago
88.1 CRX, Chicago’s Underground
Lesbigay Radio, Chicago
DJ Ray Morales, Chicago (Club Play)

The Chicago Group
The concert series for CD#1 "Petra Luna" ran from 1998 through 2001.  The members of this group collectively were: Celeste Harrell, Sara Cycholl, Chelly Arollo, Frankie (Adrienne) Keane and  Azizi Marshall.

"Petra Luna" CD #1 Concert History
Viva Chicago, Grant Park, Taste of Lincoln Ave., Lincoln Park, Pan Americano Festival, Soldier Field, Chicago IL, Fort Benning, Fort Benning, GA, Pridefest, Milwaukee, WI, Trump Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

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