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"Empowerment" CD #2

Released in 2005

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CD Album Art

"Empowerment" CD Airplay & Television History
UCLA Radio, Los Angeles
X Radio, Los Angeles
Radio Caroline, UK
RUTalented, Channel 69, Los Angeles
TV Realidad, Channel 65, Los Angeles
INP International Programming, Los Angeles
PAX Entertainment DJ Services, London UK (Club Play)

The concert series for this CD titled "Empowerment" ran from 2004 through 2007.
The members of this group collectively were:
Cherish Ryans, Claudia Aicardi, Carrie Wells, Renette Johnson, Natalie Miles, Stacy Campbell and Brie Gabrielle.

"Empowerment" CD Concert History
Rumba Room, Universal City, CA
Hard Rock Café, Hollywood, CA
Century Club, Century City, CA
The Cove, Glendale, CA
Ice Club, Hollywood, CA
RIO! Encino, CA
Safe Passage Benefit, Beverly Hills Hotel
Latino Parents College Scholarship Drive



El Bailador
In my dream land
El Bailador
He’s my dream man
El Bailador
Calls me cuttie
El Bailador
Loves my Latin booty

In my imagination, there is a bailador
he always keeps me satisfied and always wanting more
In my imagination, he always sets me free,
he dances all night long, he dances just for me
In my dreams I can always see his face,
he’s so beautiful and nothing ever goes to waste
In my dreams I am always by his side
Every encounter is a fascinating ride

In my reality there is a bailador,
he always keeps me guessing and always wanting more
In my imagination, he belongs to me
and not to that Rita bitch who’s acting like a sleaze
In my dreams, in my dreams he will leave that girl alone
and quickly come to my side so that I can take him home
In my dreams, in my dreams he’ll be happy just with me
But he’s the bailador who just needs to be free

Mi bailador me trai
Un baile simple y puro
Suave y cuerpo duro
El baila para mi


Hey, I know what you're after
I put the tape in and then go backwards
Everybody is screaming "faster, faster"
But I put the tape in and then go backwards

Slow, That's how I do it baby
Slow, Enough to drive you crazy
Slow, Slow like the ocean
Slow, See my body in motion                                       

Everything, everywhere is so fast
But my vibes’ the color of the contrast
There will be no jumping in and out of my bed my head
We can try something different instead
But you’re gonna need some time to 
Sit back relax and smell the flowers
And you’ll be glad to be rewarded 
with my love that lasts for hours 

Everything is done in haste
Always pushing down the pedal to accelerate
Muy rapido, muy rapido, let's go
But I won’t accept a cameo
If there’s no time to treat your lady
treat your maybe, baby right
Well that’s just not good enough
I guess we're gonna have to say adios, good night!

What’s crackin mami? 
You know exactly just what I’m after
I take you to the pad and watch you backin’ that ass up
Mamacita “Te quiero”, got me down for whatever
Break you off with good lovin’, just don’t ask for dinero
Cuz your a sexy woman and all the girls hate ya
Blessed with the thickness in all the right places
My little mamacita. let’s grab a margarita?
I know you got a man but still you know you need a 
Real player that could rock the boat
Get your body naked and I’ll take it slow, Oh, 
The club is over so what’s crackin’ after?
Just put the tape in and then go backwards
Just you and me steady freakin’ for the weekend 
Baby let’s roll, because you know what I’m thinking
And tell me now can you handle this?
Baby girl grab my hands, I’ve got plans for us


No hablo espanol muy bien y se, 
que ni naci en Mexico
Pero en mi alma siento la herencia, 
que mi padre me dejo

No soy ni de alla ni de aqui
No soy de suelo Azteca                                     
y estoy entre paizes
No soy ni de alla ni de aqui
Pero me siento Mexicana, 
Porque alli estan mis raices

Mis suenos son que un dia
muy cercano, quizas manana
Esa patria tan hermosa y tan amada,
me reciba como hermana Mexicana

Aunque vivo en el norte, 
tan hermoso, y tan cercano
Sin embargo este corazon extrana,
el campo Mexicano


Adam, no one knows how I really feel about you
I’m gonna try to be that angel, the one that you can fly to
No, your mother isn’t there, no, your father doesn’t care
But I’m here to make you aware that I do, and that I’ll always be there

Life can be our enemy and life can be our friend
Here is a blessing that I’m wishing to extend

Adam, I can be the one there to understand
Please don’t take your life from us 
When there’s so much left to be discussed and
Adam, I can be the one there to hold your hand
Just hold on, that’s all I ask
I won’t make any further demands

Adam, I would never try to replace your mother
But I can try to be your friend, and you can be my little brother
And, no, most people do not care, we can’t change the world out there
But I am here to make you aware that I do, and that I’ll always be there

Oo, baby stay with me
Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, wait and see
When you feel no energy to reach for that win
We can help each other stand as we fall again, and again....


Now you’re cold and dead. What good are you now?
No one can love you anymore
Your children are now alone, you selfish ass
Don’t you know your memory will only come to pass?

Open up that vein, make us all insane
You’ve got it all to gain
Open up and let the lead go through your brain
Open up that vain, make us all insane
And leave all the rest of us with the pain
Be the idiot

The best way to hurt us is the suicide ride
Don’t worry, I’ll be at your side
With all the others dressed in black and tears
Who won’t even remember you, I’ll give it a year.

Depues de lo peor, viene lo mejor
Eres idiota si escojes lo peor 

Now you're in your box underground
What did we learn?  Did you think we'd follow you?
Now we only know you’re guilty of all you denied
It was a self-inflicted sentence when you died

No se porque, vivo aqui
En esta mugre de ciudad
El trabajo es malo, y mi attitude peor
Esta es mi realidad
But if only we could embrace our power 
But if only we could embrace our power 
But if only I could embrace my power  
But if only I could face this hour 
Que dios me de los besos
Give me kisses
Un abrazo
Hold me
La confianza
Give me confidence                                        
Help me God 
Dame fuerza
Give me strength
De comprender
Give me wisdom
Porque hago lo que hago?
Give me love
Sin poderlo entender
Tell me I can

I need a high powered sexy advanced woman to swoop down
The kind that cooks and cleans and ready to do me now!!
She’s yet to be found, but I don’t try to look
But if she comes around she’s probably up out of a comic book
Cause she’s a fairy tale, and I don’t believe it
But if it’s true then come on through, cause I would love to see it 
A girl that don’t love me for my car, when I’m broke she’s there tomorrow
And treats me like a super star

Mis novios me tratan mal
Sin respeto y peor
Mi espejo, lo tengo que mirar
Ya me canso del dolor


I love you more than words can say 
I think about you every night and day
I love you more than words can say 
I think about you every night and day
I just love you

More than you’ll ever know, baby
More than I could ever show still 
I hope that one day you’ll come back to me
I was once blind but now I see

That your love is all that I need 
I get down on my hands and my knees
As long as you say, that you’ll never leave
God, what can I do to make you believe

Players never last that long
Playing with love till it’s gone
Please understand how I’m dealing
With this new way that I’m feeling                                


It’s Valentine's Day once again, though some were bad and some were good
I do believe that’s number ten, to do again, I surely would
Cause babe you know that I’m your woman, and I’m always gonna be
Cause baby you got a hold of me

I know I left a couple times, and I’ve walked out a time or two
Our faces bare a few more lines, there’s no control of what we do
But so far no one has gone mad, I don’t think we’re gonna be
Cause baby you got a hold of me

Love, sweet love, I’m so afraid of
That the stars above aren’t close enough
To reach out and to touch

So will you finally marry me? 
And we can have ourselves a baby, and raise ourselves a family
Cause babe you  know that I’m your woman, and I’m always gonna be
Cause baby you got a hold of me
Me got a hold of you
You got a hold of me


I am Petrafide, Hey hey Oh
Papacito’s got the evil eyes, Oh, Oh, Oh no
And I’m filled with dread, Oh
A homicide is all that lies ahead, Oh no no

Galan de bestia
Resistir? no puedo
Me viene atrapar
Y matarma con su beso
Me Tendra
Me voy entregar
Y lo haremos juntos
Papacito y yo           

He must have me
I won’t surrender to this nightmare
He looks good but I know the truth
And I’m not about to take that dare

Pero Lo Amo
Right, but he beats her ass
Pero Lo Amo
He steals her shit and he don’t even ask
Pero Lo Amo
She’s a prisoner in her own damn house
Pero Lo Amo
What she needs is to get the fuck out
Pero Lo Amo
Been there myself, have insight to the plight
Pero Lo Amo
I finally listened and decided to fight
Give me my babies, my A.K. and an Amen
Never ever will some asshole fuck my life up again

I’m pissed off, that this shit still continues
Nobody is that bad off that they constantly pursue 
A relationship bringing them nothing but pain
I know he’s just like Daddy, but the truth still remains
That is not love, so take your baby and run
And he’ll go back to hell, where his little journey’s begun
You see I’ve been there, so be wise and protect
Or go back and accept your never getting respect

No comprendo porque no los dejan
Si yo, tuve un tiempo
que lloraba, porque untonto
robaba todo mi ser, y no veia 
ningun por venil
Pues si mujeres no aguantara
A estos hombres abusibos
estos hombres nos darian
el respeto, mas si escoges quedarte
con ese tonto
seguiras jugando, el juego
de freguaderas
Y seras como una torpe
sin guia y esperanza
Y dolor abarcara tu vida

Now you don’t have to go through this,
The yellin’’ the cussin the fightin’ the do this
Y'all ain’t Popey and Brutus, who knew this?
Individual, possesses political
Fists and grabs, kisses and jabs hurts you physical
Then you go to the next, but he just wants sex                        
You give it, your spirit pivots 
You ask God for forgiveness
Amen, you got to come with the plan
No, matter of fact I demand that you stand 
On your own feet not you hands
While pushing up off the floor
You want more?
I witness this shit before when I was a little boy
So take it from me the M.A.N.I.A.C.

So take it back girl, look how you act girl?
Ain’t cuttin’ slack girl, you smoking crack girl?


Give me one good reason why I should not leave you
After all the things you’ve done and put me through
Please believe me when I say I really did, I really loved you
What did pushing my love away prove?

Now, telephone is ringing with your crying, feel like dying
What’s a broken heart supposed to do?
There was a time I would have given you my everything
By closing doors you open up the truth

You’ll see, you’ll be over me
You’ll see, my love is not what you need
You won’t even know, cause it won’t even show how bad I feel
But I feel it

Give me one good reason why I should believe you?
It’s amazing what one small man can do
I opened up my heart and let your demons walk all over me
Then I go, to come right back for more abuse

I can’t let this love go 
Even though the spark inside your heart has grown cold
Wicked ways and games you play
I can’t sustain this pain no longer
But in my prayers,
I will search for the light to make me stronger


I like to put on my red dress
I like it short I do confess
I like to put my makeup on
I like my eyes and lips real strong
I like to funky up my hair
I like it when my mama is scared
But what I really like the best
Is to put on my high heels

And mind yo’ business
I do what I do, when I do, who I do, where I do
Whenever I’ve got some time to chill
Killin’ some time, I do it just how I feel
That’s how it’s supposed to be
Get the hell out of my face, don’t get close to me, what!
Whenever I’ve got some time to chill
Killin’ some time I do it just how I feel

I like my perfume very strong
I like my fingernails real long
I like my satin push up bra
I like to minimize my flaws
I like my hosiery real smooth
I like to step into my groove
But what I really like the best
Is to put on my high heels

I like to step out late at night
I like to see the boys uptight
I like to make the bad girls stare
I like to prove that I don’t care
I like to choose who I possess
I like my endless viciousness
But what I really like the best
Is to put on my high heels


I have a man, he is a good man and no one can doubt
He can do no wrong, his love, I could not do without it
But I fell, but I fell, but I fell into the arms of another brother
Now it has to be one or the other

I am torn apart, have to break the heart of a man that I adore                
But I’ve got to choose someone's got to lose
in the game they call “amor”

I have a lover, He is exciting and he makes me feel brand new
Young and strong and he always knows just what to do
But I know, but I know, but I know that one must stay and one must go
I just don’t know, I love them both, and I am out of time so

Amor, Amor, el juego de amor
Two good lovers leave just one thing to do
I never meant to hurt anybody, that’s not what I’m into
I must be true so I can sleep at night
I am making up my mind so I can do what’s right 


Dinner for one, the maitre d' will say to me I must reply
Yes, I guess so
Fall, October sets in as I wait for the man’s decision
Who made up that rule anyway?

You, haven’t died haven’t went to war
Still the torment of your absence, always haunts me
You’re complications, aggravations
Are getting in the way, Oh Ya Ya

Oh, I can manage what you put me through
Go ahead and take advantage you know that I’ll be true
Looks like I’m never gonna change
Anyway I will stay here and wait just to hate you

Good night, I should be sleeping tight 
But I’m lying here by myself instead, as I do often
Wind, seeping through the little cracks along my window
Making it three times as cold

You have broken off another piece of lonely 
Please stop me if I’m bitching
Anticipation aggravation
Are stepping out to play, Oh Ya

One year wasted on this trip, because I let it 
Now I regret it and I feel so pathetic
I’ll be taking an injection for solitude to forget it
Copyright 2005

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