Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fan Love


The gift above was given to Petra after she created a series of videos Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 to bring awareness to the protests in the country of Bahrain and the crimes against humanity that were committed against them during the Arab Spring Movements in 2011.

"When I walked into a club in Beverly Hills one night, I really didn't know what to expect.  The name, "Petra Luna Show" doesn't tell you very much.  What I got was a rockin', swinging, soulful, sexy harmony of singing, dancing and  anyone from 6 to 60!  The styles can't be pigeon-holed;  everything from Latin and Hip Hop to Soul and Pop. These girls can all sing and dance 'til the cows come home. I'm going back to see them again.
Jeff Gershoff 

Oh it was a phenomenal show. It was really fun. Great song great girls.  I want to see you when your back in town.
T. Sistine

The Petra Luna Show is all that! Lead vocalist Petra Luna can bring tears to your eyes with her sweet melodies one moment and having you yelling and jumping the next. This is a high energy show with a powerful message. Don't miss it!

Lynn R.

Petra Luna put on an electrifying show. Her energy is contagious, and the performance was uplifting. I left with goosebumps.

D. Sutton

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Lifetime of Fighting Abuse (while having a Vibrant Career as Professional Musician)

  • Born in 1968 and raised on a farm in Illinois.
  • 1987 Graduates from Barbizon Modeling School and starts a profitable 10 year modeling stint.
  • 1988 Participates in downtown Chicago protests against Evans Furs for selling fur and Bloomingdales for animal testing.
  • 1990 Begins her long career as a full time professional singer.
  • 1991 Graduates from Columbia College, Chicago with a BA in Vocal Performance and Audio Engineering.
  • 1993-1998 Becomes part owner of a recording studio in Chicago IL and works as an audio engineer and sound woman for live bands.  
  • 1994 Starts writing songs about abuse.
  • 1996 Works with the “Happiness Club,” a group to help inner city kids benefit from the performing arts, as their first musical director and writes songs for them including one about helping homeless people.
  • 1999 Releases her Debut CD “Petra Luna” recorded in Germany of high energy dance songs as well as songs about the anger and sadness of being a lifelong victim of abuse.
  • 1999-2001 Forms an all-girl singing/dancing group to promote her Debut CD and bring awareness to domestic violence.
  • 2000 Becomes a regular donor to the National Wildlife Federation and other animal rights charities.
  • 2002 Moves to Los Angeles.
  • 2004-2007 Serves on the Board of Directors for a domestic violence nonprofit called Safe Passage and produces events for them like fund raisers, fashion shows and concert performances. 
  • 2004 Her song “Pero Lo Amo” (“But I Love Him”) from her Debut CD about domestic violence, hits #1 on the All Genres music chart of KIAC Indie Music Radio, the World’s 2nd largest indie music station. 
  • 2005 Releases her 2nd CD called “Empowerment” to inspire abuse victims to empower themselves away from their abusers and heal their pain from being victims.  
  • 2005 She forms another all-girl singing/dancing group to promote the Empowerment CD for 2 more years.
  • 2006 Assembles an online group of activists called the “War On Abuse Movement” to shut down a “kiddie soft porn” web site called Puellula that led followers with a few clicks to real kiddie porn sites.  The group harassed one site’s advertisers so much, it ultimately had to close.
  • 2007 Attends the Center for Nonprofit Management in Los Angeles and its workshop classes to learn how to run a nonprofit and write grants.
  • 2007 Donates time to the Big Brothers and Sisters of the Inland Empire (Los Angeles area) as a “Big Sister” mentor. 
  • 2007 Hosts weekly charity events at a local LA restaurant to benefit the National Domestic Violence Hotline and other local child abuse charities. 
  • 2008 writes a petition for “April’s Law” to protect kids by making it illegal for pedophiles to compare notes on how to abduct, torture, rape, kill and dispose of child victims.  On the internet, they hide behind the 1st Amendment trying to say they have the legal right to conspire against children.  But do they?  A video introduction of the law’s petition received 2,841,969 hits as of 3/1/16.  
  • 2008-2009 Receives death threats for her publicized fight against child rape and exploitation online.
  • 2008 Exposes a female Registered Sex Offender for telling other females not to have their child molesting male partners prosecuted due to the social repercussions their families may face.  Petra accuses her of Reckless Endangerment and launching an activist web site and campaign online against this sex offender’s dangerous video messages. 
  • 2008 She is sued by the same Registered Sex Offender for RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) and Defamation. The case was later dismissed with prejudice. 
  • 2008 The same female sex offender teams up with sympathizers at ABC’s 20/20 news program. They bring Petra to NY to interview under false pretenses and then later air a chopped up interview to spread lies in an attempt to destroy the momentum and influence she was gaining, as she and her followers succeeded in their fight against pedophiles online. 
  • 2008 Founds the P. Luna Foundation to help bring awareness to the extremely under-represented male victims of abuse and starts an annual campaign called “Male Abuse Awareness Week” that is held every December 1st through 8th.  
  • 2008 Petra Luna is elected by a 650+ signature petition, the leader of the “War on Abuse Movement.”
  • 2009 Writes and publishes a book, “The Music Business and Its Realities for Today's New Musicians” as an introductory course for aspiring musicians to raise money for her cause.
  • 2010 The Nonprofit establishes a Virtual Volunteer program which has volunteers running up to 13 social networking sites to promote the charity and the cause of Male Abuse.
  • 2010 The “War on Abuse Movement” grows to 100,000 followers and continues until 2012.
  • 2011 The P. Luna foundation’s new web site help4guys.org receives 288,169 hits in November and December of that year. 
  • 2011 Creates a 4 part YouTube video series to bring awareness to the deadly protests in the country of Bahrain and the crimes against humanity that were committed against her people during the Arab Spring Movements in the Middle East.  
  • 2012 Releases her 3rd and most controversial “At War Collection” Dual CD to express her anger against child predators.  An interview about the CD is here.  A music video of the CD’s featured song “Fight Them All” is here
  • 2012 Her song “On Fire” from the At War Collection CD about dog abuse hits #1 on the All Genres music chart of KIAC Indie Music Radio, the World’s 2nd largest indie music station.
  • December 1, 2012 the P. Luna Foundation holds a huge Male Abuse Awareness Week red carpet concert event in Los Angeles California.  A video of this event is posted on CNN iReports.  
  • 2012 Interviews for Male Abuse Awareness Week 2012 were aired on the following stations; 94.1 FM KPFA Berkeley CA , 90.7 FM KPFK N. Hollywood CA, 99.3 KCLA The Ultimate Underground Show, 106.7 KROQ-FM CBS Sunday Morning Show, TVNZ OneNews New Zealand’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Show, LAtalkradio.com’s Guy Talk Radio.
  • 2012 An article about Male Abuse Awareness Week 2012 is published by the Good Men Project Magazine.  
  • December 7, 2013 The Nonprofit holds a Male Abuse Awareness Week Benefit Concert at Union Square in downtown San Francisco.  
  • 2014-2015 The nonprofit posts an amazing awareness video after running a booth at San Francisco State University.
  • 2015 A P. Luna Foundation volunteer produces and posts a hard hitting video protesting dog abuse with her #1 hit song “On Fire.” 
  • 2007-2015 Petra as the Executive Director of the P. Luna Foundation duties included: Completing and submitting all the nonprofit’s government forms and compliance documents for the IRS, State of California, US Attorney General, Sec. of State and the city of Los Angeles. Assembling and organizing a Board of Directors and all its requirements including meetings, etc. Producing and hosting annual fundraiser awareness events. Building and maintaining cause web sites. Recruiting and organizing volunteers and their programs. Participating in interviews for her cause. Maintaining multiple social media sites along with volunteers to touch millions of people with awareness. Writing and designing multiple pieces of promotional materials including brochures, posters, t-shirts and written materials for printed and online purposes.
  • December 31, 2015 The P. Luna Foundation Nonprofit closes with the campaign of Male Abuse Awareness Week Dec. 1-8 being taken over and continued by former volunteers.
  • As of January 1, 2016 Petra Luna’s music, activism and the former P. Luna Foundation’s web sites and its volunteer sites had received 11,500,000 hits collectively online. 
  • 2016 Petra joins the fight against Sea World and captive marine life, including promoting the freeing of the orca (killer whale) named Tilikum aka #Blackfish.
  • 2016 Rescues sea birds from fishing lines in the San Francisco bay area.