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The "At War" Collection, CD #3 & 4, a 2 Part CD Release

Part 1 is NOW Available on CDBaby, ITunes and everywhere!

Part 2 is NOW Available on CDBaby, ITunes and everywhere!

The Part 2 CD "Angels of the Sword" rocks the Indie Music World!
5/20/12, the song titled "Fight Them All" hits #16 on the wildly popular Rap Charts.
The song titled "On Fire" Hits #1 All Genres on the International Indie Music Charts! 

2/22/12 The Title Track of the "At War" Collection, titled "War", Hits #1 on the IAC Hip Hop Charts. 
From 2/1/12 to 2/29/12 the Facebook Record Release Party for the "At War" Collection had 314 people in attendance. 

"Simply Brilliant!" ~ Shark Tank Independent Music Reviews

One of the songs from Part 1 was about saving Greyhound dogs from the brutality of dog racing.  This song was written by Maria Daines and Paul Killington as a Spanish version of her song called "Racing to Death."

VIDEOS from the 2 part CD collection

Lyrics and Credits for the "At War" Collection. 


In Slavery

My name used to be Weici
And I used to laugh and dance and sing with my family
Now I’m chained to this machine
And they tell me that I never get to leave

I can’t make it alone
Taken so far from my home
14 hours of every single day
My childhood just slips away

My name is in slavery and I was taken from my home
I know I’ll bring the world down to its knees to notice me
But if you choose to ignore, 
Maybe the next child will be yours

My name used to be Effiom
And for a hundred dollars I was sold from my starving Mom
Now I’m forced to work every day
While I watch the other little boys at play

I work my fingers to the bone
I lost my will to go on
Eighteen hours of every single day
God end my pain without delay?

My name used to be Kassidy
With golden hair and big blue eyes, who loved to be me
Then the evil man forced me to go
Now I have to face what I don’t want to know

They pump poison in my veins
An empty shell of me, is all that remains
Many men pass through here every single day
They’ll use me up, and then throw me away

Written by Petra Luna, Michael Smith and David Haddad 
Produced by David Haddad
Piano by David Mosco 

We Can Build Our Dreams

Love speaks in ways 
When words are cold and down
And don’t know what to say
Faith leads our way
When we are out of strength 
In times when we are lost and stray
We are moving mountains with 
The courage that we share
We are turning night into a day
With the hope beyond compare

We can build our dreams inside our hearts
We can show our love a thousand times
We can build a friendship stronger than the wind
That never falls apart
We can climb on mountains hand in hand
Sometimes we fall and stumble but we’ll stand
We can build a stairway to the stars and build a castle out of love
We can build our dreams together
We can build them all

I said a prayer
I spoke in words that only he could ever hear
And I shed some tears
For all the joys and blessings he has given all these years
We never asked for wealth and fame
We only need to reach our dreams
And we are here through thick and thin
We finally made it through the rain

The road is endless we see it from the distance
But if we listen to the whispers of our hearts
We can feel the nearness of the stars
A glimmer of glory, a splendid story

Written by Asteria Abada
Produced by Roberto Roth 

I Love You Jesus

I give you my life, I give you my all
Align myself with your will, Oh Lord
That as I obey you, I may be made whole
I give you my life and I give you my all

Live in me, live with me, Oh live through me
Let my life be full expression of love for Thee
Live in me, live with me, Oh live through me
Every heart beat means I love you dear Jesus

Every word that I say, everything that I do 
May it all be love driven, lovin’ only you
May my life be fruitful, bearing heavenly fruit
Giving glory and honor; joy to your heart

I give you my life, I give you my all
Praises and worship I give Oh Lord
Every breath that I take, every heart beat declares
I love you dear Jesus, I love you so much

Live in me; live with me; live through me
Every heart beat means I love you dear Jesus
I love you Jesus
Written by Joy Enriquez Dorotheo and Jimmy Borja
Produced by Roberto Roth
Remix by Mike Sandberg
Guitar by Howard Anderson
Background Vocals by Cherish Ryans 

Soy Un Ganador Solo Por Un Día

Si no gano hoy
Ya no estaré aquí
Lo mismo le ha pasado a mis amigos
Cuando no pueden correr más
Será este mi final?
Podrias tú darme un hogar?
Soy un galgo por fuera
Con un gran corazón por dentro

He corrido tantas veces
Soy un numero en la pista
Solo una victoria continúa
Simplemente una apuesta
Pero pronto quedare cojo
Y estaré fuera del juego
Seré simplemente un pero
Despues de mis dias de gloria

Estoy corriendo hacia la muerte
Por el precio de un tiquete
Mi vida esta en juego
Solamente por tu dinero
Dedícame un pensamiento
En esta apuesta sin sentimiento
Estas firmando el fin de mi vida
Seré ganador solo por un dia

Me encuentro aquí perdido
Viendo como arrastran a mi amigo
También he visto el arma
Y he escuchado dispararla
Quien me podrá salvar?
No dejen que me puedan llevar
Soy un galgo por afuera
Con un corazón por dentro

(Translation to English)
If I don't win today
I won't be here again
I've seen it happen to my friends
When their running days are done
Will it be over for me soon?
Can I come home with you?
I'm a greyhound on the outside
With a big heart on the inside

I've run so many times
Just a number on the lines
Just another winning streak
Just a gamble, at my peak
But soon I will be lame
I'll be out of this sad game
I'm a dog like any other
When my glory days are over

And I'm racing to death
For the price of a bet
My life is at stake
For the money you make
So spare me a thought
On that ticket you bought
It's signing my life away
I'm just a winner for a day

So here I am I'm lost
I've seen the gun, I heard the shot
I saw my friend old Billy Jack
I saw them drag him on his back
I don't know who is gonna save me
Please don't let them take me
I'm a greyhound on the outside
With a big heart on the inside 

Written by Maria Daines & Paul Killington
Spanish Translation by Claudia Flaherty 

Christmas Will Come Featuring Al Boyde

Not every child feels Christmas joy
Not every child gets gifts or toys
Not every child’s wishes come true
Not every child will see the Santa Clause revue

But every child will have their day
When everything will go their way
And everything will be OK
When they walk out and take the center stage

Christmas will come, to those who believe
Their gifts will be, under the Christmas tree
Christmas will come to those who need the most
The world will give a toast to those who follow their shining star

One day love will come save the world
Rescue little boys and girls 
Answer all their hopes and prayers
Light up the dark that makes them scared

One day love will bring peace on earth
Cure the afflicted, and heal the hurt 
So no matter what your life may bring
Don’t give up on all your hopes and dreams

Written by Al Boyd, Petra Luna and Denny Bouchard
Produced by Denny Bouchard 
Guitar by Howard Anderson

Lucky Star (A Hymn)

Oh sweet, sweet Jesus, I love the way you are
I’m your little sheep and you’re my lucky star
I know you’ll take me, where I need to go
How can you have so much love I ask you, cause I don’t know

Written by Petra Luna
Produced by Roberto Roth 

of the SWORD 

Fight Them All featuring Doshermanos

She’s expediting her rage coming out of her cage 
Extricating her condition with the cut of this blade 
She’s not fucking around, she’s bringing on the plight
Of her brand Daddy coming in her room every night 
And her mamma know so now she’s killing a bitch
She’s only 9 years old, she can’t wake up from this shit
Have I offended someone?  Well that’s just too fucking bad
Go on and wish I were dead, put a price on my head, because

I ‘m going after all of you suckers
You twisted pedophile mother fuckers
No we don’t have the right to remain silent
Yes we do have the right to become violent
I’m breaking down closed doors, this is war can’t ignore 
This shit’s going down like I told you before, see
They have no right to defile a child they're making me wild
I’d like to fucking fight them all

Now let’s see about Momma, who fails to protect 
From this psycho obsessed, may I please interject?
She’s not plotting escape, she’s pimping out her daughter
Keeps his money, her mouth shut and observes the slaughter
Accessory to the crime, she’s just no better then him 
My conscience won’t remain still, they have to pay for this sin
She says she’s frightened of him, they should be frightened of me
My destiny is to expose their sorry asses to be, because  

Mamma don’t let baby have these dreams
Put Daddy on lockdown hear her screams
Mamma please make baby number one

Written by Petra Luna, Abrisqueta Gorka, 
Mike Sandberg and Howard Anderson 
 Produced by Mike Sandberg

I’m Fat So What Featuring Da Ster

My momma says I’m sexy, I’m pretty and I’m sassy
She rather see me fat, than seein' me so skinny
I weigh 200 pounds, as horrible as it sounds
But I need to love my size so that I never agonize

I’m fat! hu hu, I’m fat! I’m fat so what! 
hu hu huuuuuuuu
I’m fat! hu hu, I’m fat! I’m fat so what! 
hu hu huuuuuuuu

I used to fantasize one day I’d be like Oprah Winfrey 
For years she’d been so bulgy, But look?  She’s so darn sexy
It’s just that she’s determined to lose weight and yes it happened
I wish I were as patient as her, I would be shaped much better
Check it out!
At least I’ve done my part for years I really tried to work it out (you did?)
Those pills and exercises oh they almost made me sick and tired 
My desperation has gone wild, I enrolled up in pilates 
Oh gee I did lose weight I dropped to a hundred ninety eight (wow)

Here I am, Even though may be a little big boned, it's very clear to see that you gotta goin' on
Big girl rock her, who's gonna stop her?  Make her better, like a check up from the doctor
Big hips, smooth steps, yeah get it girl.  Do the thing you do, when you rock the world
Lose weight or it keep it, make it no secret.  Fine as you are, “Da Ster” So to speak it

I admit sometimes I'm lazy and fat hangs up my belly
As long as I'm happy and I have my golden heart

Written by Asteria Abada 
Arranged by David Vasquez 
Rap Lyrics Written by Da Ster
Produced by Roberto Roth

War Hyped by Q Ball
I am calling all adults who were abused, 
Molested or raped as a children 
To come together now to defend today’s kids?
Come anonymously or come as yourself?
Together we outnumber the child predators
And now that we are committed to the fight, 
Our day of retribution is here

I was raped at 14, see that makes a bitch mean 
And I will not give up, cause I don’t give a fuck
Well they threaten to kill me, I’m already dead
With the visions of pedo-freaks tweaking my head
See, just one pedo-freak makes a thousand of me
No more taking the blame for these memories please?
No more killing ourselves from unbearable shame
Now we have declared war, dignity we reclaim

This is war, We’re gangsters for the kids
Millions of victims grow up to be soldiers
Millions of soldiers who can’t forget
This is war, Angels of the sward, we’re not takin’ shit
War, So bring that shit on bitch

Now no longer can pedo-freaks access our children 
Our line of defense, we just keep fucking building
The silence is broken, the army has spoken
Accept as a token the warnings we heed
That’s the mentality here, that’s the reality here
Just like M, did I hear some pedo wants to challenge me here?
See I have nothing to loose, so I have nothing to fear
With an army that’s ‘bout to hit 100,000 this year
I believe with everything I am this is my destiny
I believe, I believe that an army of angels is standing next to me
I believe the Lord will give us everything, everything we need
I believe, I believe that the hand of God will crush our enemies, ya!

Written by Petra Luna and David Haddad 
Writing and Production by David Haddad
Backing Rap by “Q Ball”
Backing Vocals by Eve Roth and Jake Spatola 
Guitar by Orbel Babayan
Bass by Frank Garratt

On Fire 

Hell no 
Why you gotta kick the dog? 
Now I’m gonna have to come down there and kick your ass 
What kinda person has a whack attack 
On something that can’t talk and can never fight back

Hell no, so
Why you gotta kick the dog? 
Now I’m gonna have to do what I have got to do
You fight them beat them and treat them bad 
And all they’re trying to do is just hang with you DAMN!

It’s on, it’s on fire 
It’s on, it’s on fire
It’s on, it’s on fire
It’s on, it’s on fire

Hell no 
Why’d you have to kill the dog?  
Now I’m gonna have to come down there and deal with you 
The biggest coward of all is you 
Just what the hell were you trying to prove with that? 

Hell no, so
Animal cruelty is a reality people have got to see 
Where this is bound to lead 
If they beat the dog, they’ll soon beat the kids 
Now can we wait till it comes to this?

Written by Petra Luna, Mike Sandberg and Howard Anderson
Produced by Mike Sandberg
Skit by Michael T. and Cherish Ryans 


See that girl you can see that she’s been crying 
To keep up with the Jones’ she done, messed up her state of mind 
She had a good family she had a good life 
She could have been someone’s mother she, could have been someone’s wife 
But there she is selling her body on the street
Life in the hands of some smooth talking freaks 
Now days turn into night and night turns into days 
But I know and you know and she knows, it will always be that way cause

This is the last of your innocence
Where do we go from here?
Living in a world where only God can judge me
That’s my word, wash away my sins 
This is the last of the innocence
Where do we go from here?
Living in a world where only God can judge me
That’s my word wash away my sins Lord

Take a look at him?  Shooting that stuff up in his veins 
His mothers long gone but he still fells the pain 
He went off to war and he’s killed many men 
But now he’s all alone to answer for his sins 
He wants to die but the drugs keep him instead
Too many bad things just keep running through his head
He remembers his father lost his legs in Viet Nam
He couldn’t afford to buy a house but now he’s just bought the farm, Lord
They say that we’re no good and we believed it
They say that we’re no good and we believed it, Oh Lord
They say that we’re no good and we believed it
They say that we’re no good and we believed it, perceived it, achieved it baby

Check this out 
I’m in a crowded room but I still feel alone
My legs feel weak but I must be strong 
I see people smile but it just don’t seem real
I wished they’d just stop this masquerade and just tell me how they feel
Drinking away the pain and drugging away the sorrow
Right now I’m bout to leave but I’ll be back tomorrow cause
Hollywood life is nothing but frustration
I just can’t seem to shake this situation Lord

Written and Produced by Jerry Jackson 

Mama’s Hands 

Mama’s hands are the first to rock you 
The first to stroke your brow
Mama’s hands are the first to feed you 
And the first to show you how
But if Mama’s hands are the enemy
And you’re the child with no way out
Without a place to run, without a place to hide
What happens to you now?

Mama’s hands should wipe the tears away 
Not be the cause of why tears come
Mama’s hands should hold on tight to yours
Not burn them, make them numb
See Mama’s hands should be gentle
Give tender loving care 
But if Mama’s hands are filled with rage
Don’t breathe, no don’t you dare 

No cradle is ever safe
No baby pictures ever taken
No concept of a mothers love
No matter what you do she is never pleased
No matter what you say, she’ll never be at ease
Hole in the soul, no love received
Oh shit! You only get one Mama

Mama’s hands should nurse the wounds away 
Not be the cause to scream in pain 
Mama’s hands should sooth and calm you 
But what if she’s insane?
So when you think of Mama’s hands
And what they should be for,
I weep and wonder, where was the love?
In the hands that locked that door

Written by Christine Sandor, Petra Luna, 
Mike Sandberg and Howard Anderson
Produced by Mike Sandberg

© 2010 P. Luna Foundation Publishing 

Engineers and Studios 
Mike Sandberg, Mike’s Music and Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
David Haddad, The Womb Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Jerry Jackson and Roberto Roth, Smooth Sounds Multimedia, Van Nuys, CA
Denny Bouchard, DJB Music, West Hills, CA

Mike Sandberg, Mike’s Music and Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Photo by Melissa Schwartz, Los Angeles, CA

CD Graphics by Steve Clemons

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