Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Original April's Law 
Authored by Petra Luna
In 2008, I wrote a petition for a law to protect kids by making it illegal for pedophiles to compare notes on how to abduct, torture, rape, kill and dispose of kids on the internet and hide behind the 1st Amendment trying to say they have the legal right to conspire against children.  A few others took the name and made it into different state type petitions for laws, but since they were trying to help kids I did not dispute the ownership of the name with them.  Nevertheless, this was the first version of April's Law that was written.

US Copyright Office Registration Number for April's Law Federal Petition: TXu 1-590-504, 9/6/08We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  We can only educate the world about this groundbreaking legislation that would change the world in its unique proposition to protect our children. 

April's Law Federal Petition
We, the undersigned, as citizens and registered voters do hereby petition for the passage of laws regulating the maintaining, or promoting, or building or hosting or supporting or sponsoring or being connected in any way to any web site that promotes, encourages, panders, or solicits the sexual exploitation of children. These laws shall apply to private, public or commercial enterprises whether they be individual or corporate.
We feel that the use of these web sites encourages crimes against children of a depraved sexual nature; that the existence of these sites serves no public or community good or use; that the only visitors of the sites are child predators or potential child predators; that the sites entice, incite or inflame the sick passion of child predators; that the sites present a clear and present danger to our children.
We believe that no Internet service provider, Internet hosting service, Web hosts or any other private, public or commercial service that provide data center space and/or connectivity to the Internet or to any local area network, should be able to legally host or provide any type of service to any individual, web site or organization that encourages sex crimes against children. This includes any web site, service or individual that portray children in a sexually suggestive manner, any support system, web sites, blogs, audio or video service or hosting services that verify and encourage pedophiles to continue with their criminal urges against children and any type of pornography that is digitally enhanced, touched up or otherwise altered to make the individuals engaging in sex acts to resemble children in a realistic manner. We demand that these web sites be made ILLEGAL in the USA for the USA and the global community.
We feel that because of this danger that the maintenance of a child predator web site is a conspiracy to commit a sex crime against a child and is so grievous in nature that it should be classified as a felony.  We, therefore, petition for the following sanctions against these web sites:
1.) All persons involved in these web sites shall pay a fine of $250,000, have all computer equipment seized and donated to a local school,
2.) All persons involved be required to be a registered sex offender,
3.) All persons involved be restricted from access to the internet,
4.) Be sentenced to 25 years; be required to serve a mandatory 5-year sentence in jail followed by 20 years probation

Why We Need April's Law
To rid the internet of predators that prey on children. In our efforts we have run into a peculiar problem with what we call “Legal Pedophile Web Sites”. These sites are run mostly by child sex offenders that celebrate and promote crimes against children. The sad part is that they are protected by our 1st Amendment. As you know, the First Amendment can not be touched.  That is why we need the Internet Law, April’s Law. This is groundbreaking legislation that we need passed. It will be the first attempt at an internet law to protect children from predators who conspire against them on-line.  In our attempts to shut them down ourselves through public outcry, Petra Luna, our founder and leader of the effort, was threatened by the supporters of these “Legal Pedophile Web Sites,” to be found, raped, sexually mutilated, drowned and killed. These are the kind of web sites and people that are protected by our First Amendment online.  Did our forefathers die for this type of freedom?  No, they died to protect children. This has become a serious safety issue. Below are just a few examples of the 1000's of these people and the web sites that they run.

Lindsay Ashford: An American expatriate is living abroad in the Netherlands.  He is the former king pin of these girl lover type sites.  He had a web site called, puellula means little girl in Spanish slang.  His site celebrated the splendor of little girls showing pictures of people's children, like Senator Barack Obama's two daughters and others that have gone missing.  He had a section of his site that would lure in girls under 13 years old to learn about having sexual relationships with grown men, and encourage the parents to allow it.  He stated in a counter interview with Petra Luna that an infant as young as 6 months can consent to sexual pleasure.  Also, we were able to link his web site’s advertisers to illegal activities against children.  One of my top advisers persuaded the Minister Of Justice of the Netherlands, (where most of these sites are hosted) to take legal action against him.  After 8 months of our activist efforts, his site was shut down.

Jack McClellan: He is a pedophile who was made wildly famous by getting extensive media coverage in the summer of 2007 by all the large US media outlets.  His site formerly California Girl Love, now called Portland Girl love, since he relocated, was a “where to” guide for local pedophiles to see girls from the ages of 6-11 years old. He would attend local festivals and rate them by a 1-5 heart scaleThis would let all the pedophiles know where to see these beautiful kids.  This has placed all the kids that attend these festivals at risk of abduction.  He admitted to using date rape drugs and has even taken children’s pictures at these festivals.  My friend who is an attorney, Anthony Zinnanti, placed a restraining order against McClellan in an emergency legislative action taken by local legislator, Cameron Smyth.  Later McClellan was found to have left his home town of Seattle around the same time as one of the city’s little girls had gone missing. (web master’s identity remains unclear): This is a vicious and dark site based out of Florida.  This site's web master works with a Florida photographer who gets pre-teen girls into his photo studio by telling parents that he is taking modeling photos of them.  He always takes swimsuit shots. He gives the parents the clean pictures and keeps the ones that are mistakes, where the girl is in a provocative pose, the breast is showing or the bottom is very tight and revealing.  These people targeted my friend, and attorney, Anthony Zinnanti, obtained some photos of his teenage daughter and posted them on their website.  They posted a blog about Mr. Zinnanti and one of the supporters threatened to rape his daughter.  With that, he had to drop out of the fight against these people.

How we can make April's Law work:
Page 1 of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act
HR4472 EAS
In the Senate of the United States,
July 20, 2006.
Resolved, That the bill from the House of Representatives (H.R. 4472) entitled ‘An Act to protect children, to secure the safety of judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and their family members, to reduce and prevent gang violence, and for other purposes.’, do pass with the following
Strike out all after the enacting clause and insert:
(A)    Short Title- This Act may be cited as the ‘Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006’.
Page 6
Sec. 701.  Child exploitation enterprises.
Sec. 702.  Increased penalties for registered sex offenders.
Sec. 703.  Deception by embedded words or images.
Sec. 704.  Additional prosecutors for offenses relating to the sexual exploitation of children.
Sec. 705.  Additional computer-related resources.
Sec. 706.  Additional ICAC Task Force.
Sec. 701.  Marsha’s Law.
Page 76
(Continued on next page)
Page 77
(a)    Study- Attorney General shall conduct a study to evaluate the effectiveness of monitoring and restricting the activities of sex offenders to reduce the occurrence of repeat offenses by such offenders, through conditions imposed as part of supervised release or probation conditions.  The study shall evaluate—
(1)    the effectiveness of methods of monitoring and restricting the activities of sex offenders, including restrictions—   
(A)    on the areas in which sex offenders can reside, work, and attend school;  
(B)    limiting access by sex offenders to the Internet or to specific Internet sites; and 
(C)    preventing access by sex offenders to pornography and other obscene materials;
Page 81
(a)    Short Title- This section mat be cited as ‘Marsha’s Law’.
(b)  In General- Section 2255(a) of the 18, United States Code, is amended--
We wish to make April's Law Sec. 708.