Sunday, July 31, 2016

Welcome to the World of Petra Luna

Fight Them All by Petra Luna featuring Gorka of Doshermanos from Petra Luna & Male Abuse Videos on Vimeo.

Petra Luna is a public figure who is a professional musician by trade but much more to her beloved fans and followers. She is one of the matriarchs of her cause to fight child abuse as well as one of the cause’s most recognized faces.  An exemplary survivor of all forms of abuse, Petra has inspired thousands of people to unite in the name of her cause.  Her message has always been to encourage victims of abuse to break their silence and seek help.  Throughout her career in music and activism, she has gained over 100,000 followers and has received over 1,000,000 hits per year.  Petra retired from her recording career in 2013 and closed her nonprofit organization, P. Luna Foundation, in 2015.  Today she works as an International singer in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  She currently sings in 10 different languages and speaks in 3.  She continues to fight for human and animal rights to this day.

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by Petra Luna, Elected Leader of the War On Abuse Movement
Why do we call it a “WAR” on abuse?  We call it a war because hundreds of thousands of victims are being sexually abused, injured, and killed everyday.  It is the only word that properly identifies a struggle of this magnitude.  It makes no difference to real advocates whether the abuse occurs in the home, at a playground, or within conflict countries.  Global genocide is genocide, regardless of where it takes place.
Even if we wanted to, we could not take the “war” aspect out of our cause.  There will always be powerful people in media and politics openly or secretly defending, and participating in, criminal acts and organized crime syndicates that abuse people.  Law enforcement and anti-abuse advocates like myself will always have our lives seriously threatened as we serve our Creator and save the victims of abuse and exploitation.  These criminals have multi-billion dollar enterprises to protect, and they do so by any means possible.  They will defend their interests violently if necessary.
The WAR ON ABUSE MOVEMENT is where we unite as advocates, activists and soldiers for our cause.  If we have to delve into history, religion, various societies, and cultures to find solutions and to reclaim human rights for the victims of abuse, then we shall do so.  We will not falter, we will not tire, and we will not fail.  This is our moral obligation to the casualties of these massacres and ourselves.  Please join us in this effort to make positive change in our world?

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